Migrate From Hostnet to Cloudflare


I am trying to migrate nameservers from hostnet to Cloudflare. I will like to find out if there is going to be any downtime and also what is the best and easiest method I can do this migration.



There shouldn’t be any downtime really. First you should login to your Cloudflare account, and then add the domain that you wish to use. It will then scan and attempt to add the existing DNS records that you have at hostnet. Sometimes it might not pick up all the DNS, but during the adding process it will show you what it found. You can then check/verify this with what you have at hostnet, and then manually add any entries it didn’t find. It will then ask you to go to hostnet, and put the NS entries that it lists on the screen. These will be Cloudflare DNS entries. You then go back to hostnet, find the NS entries for your domain, and change these to be the two Cloudflare entries. The Cloudflare screen will show you the NS entries you are supposed to replace them with.

Then, you just need to wait a while for those DNS entries to propagate around the world. This can be relatively quickly, but can take a short while. You will get an email from Cloudflare when they become active.

The only time problems are going to occur, if DNS entries are missed and not manually added in the adding domain to Cloudflare steps. Otherwise, there shouldn’t be any downtime.

Thanks a lot for your assistance

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