Migrate from free to Pro

We are thinking about to move from Free to Pro Plan.
There are a few questions that I want to clarify before.

  1. Our web site is already using Free plan during last year. We have some critical data and thousands of live clients. We are afraid the after upgrade, some modules of Cloudflare will be activated and it will affect requests between Cloudflare and our webserver. Like WAF, some additional rules, request filters, whatever. Has anyone encountered any problems after upgrade? Is it anything that I have to know before doing upgrade?

  2. Second question is, will the speed of requests increase for static (data over CDN) and dynamic requests after upgrade?

Thank you!

  1. Yes, there’s a chance that WAF can block some traffic. Some sites have unique legitimate requests that may trigger the WAF. I suggest you keep a very close eye on the Firewall page’s firewall events log at the bottom of the screen. You can filter by WAF events:

  2. You’re generally not going to see a speed increase for cached files. What may improve is visitors being served by close data centers during peak times, as free plans get rerouted to make room for higher-tier plans. Those files will also probably stay in cache longer (no guarantees, though). Same goes for Dynamic, as they’ll be routed through that datacenter.

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Thank you very much for reply!

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Could I disable the WAF from the start?

You sure can!

You can also set it to “Simulate” and check the logs for potential problems.

Cool, thank you for quick reply!

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