Migrate from Cloudflare to AWS Route 53

Hi, I need to change the DNS to AWS Route 53, the NS records are already registered here on CloudFlare, when I query the domain at https://lookup.icann.org/lookup it shows the clientTransferProhibited status, but the domain is already in CloudFlare for more than 60 days, there is no reason to prohibit the transfer.

Someone figure out what is happening?

If you want to change DNS to Route 53, you need to do this at your domain registrar.

You probably have your domain Locked.

sdayman, tks!

This domain was registered with hostgator and management was brought to the cloudflare.
Now, I want to manage the domain on Route53.

I couldn’t find this option “Transfer Out” in the overview tab, would it be because I’m on the free plan?

Then the lock would be at Hostgator. It’s difficult to troubleshoot without knowing the actual domain name.

This is advngo.com

WHOIS says your registrar is publicdomainregistry. If you want to use Route 53, you’d have to change your name servers at that registrar. Note that if you change name servers to Route 53, you will no longer be able to use Cloudflare services.

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