Migrate from AWS - URL rewrite without Workers

I’ve used CloudFlare for some of my pet-projects for a while and I am impressed with it’s technical superiority and scale. I’ve proposed to migrate my work project’s CDN from AWS to CloudFlare. I hope we willl have a best in the world DNS, better response time in territories uncovered by AWS CloudFront, and lots of gimmiks like loseless image compression. We can also like to migrate our storage from S3 to Backblaze, it’s 4 times less expensive and as B2 и CF are members of Bandwith Alliance - we’ll keep out transfer from storage to CDN free.

The only problem before pitching it to my superiors is URL rewrite. With S3 and AWS CloudFront I can set up it the way my bucket is directly translated into CDN subdomain, like https://my-bucket.s3-ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/image.png => https://cdn.mycompany.com/image.png I don’t see the way to rewrite URL via Cloudflare Page rules, but only using Workers. This is bad idea: with our growth we will pay twice: once for traffic and once for Workers.

Am I missing something and there is a way to rewrite URL (or just strip path part of URL) without using workers and thus increasing our bill?

Not for the time being. At least not on the standard plans, Enterprise might offer something but I assume we are not talking about that budget.

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