Migrate DNS Management from Cloudflare to new Cloudflare

We would like to migrate the DNS management from one Cloudflare account to a new one. The first is owned by a consultant, the new directly managed by us.
The domain name is managed trough another provider (Aruba) and the hosting is provided by Digital Ocean. Are other tasks needed on those other services?

It is important that the web site remains accessible. In the case described should we expect downtime?

Hello there,

When you make changes to your website with the DNS entries, there’ll be certainly a downtime. It could take a couple of hours max 48 hrs. As per my knowledge, it will not take a long time, it can be even within an hour or minutes… I could say.

Thank you neiljay. I am wondering if migrating from one Cloudflare account to another Cloudflare account affects the time of the update.

Undoubtedly, Yes. However, the duration may absolutely vary. As per my experience in the past, Cloudflare was quick enough to make a changes in a very little time and keep the site live. It was a matter of couple of minutes for me!

With appropriate planning there should be no interruption. :wink:

Start with an export of the zone data from the existing Cloudflare account. Preload that into the new Cloudflare account. Confirm that it is correct. Understand things become more involved if you were using rules or any other functionality beyond DNS and proxy. You will need to make sure that those configurations have also been prepared.

Once everything is ready in the new account, it should match the old account. This means no noticeable changes will occur when you update the nameservers at the registrar.

@epic.network Wow That’s awesome!

Is it possible without adding the domain in CF? The first step here in CF is adding the site.

You have to add the site, but you can still do some things in the new account before it’s cut over to the new nameserver pair at the registrar.

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