Migrate Blogger custom domain to Wordpress.org nameserver Cloudflare


I want to move my Blogger blog demamablogs.com to self hosted Wordpress. I paid for hosting, and I should change nameservers. But I’m using Cloudflare nameservers and would like to keep those.

How do I make it so I don’t get an 404 error when I go to demamablogs.com/wp-admin

What am I missing?


If it’s self-hosted WordPress, you should have an IP address for that server. And if you were at Blogger, you probably added incompatible records you’ll have to delete:
demamablogs.com an www

And replace them with “A” records containing your new server’s IP address.

Thanks! I did manage to succesfully change the nameservers of my domain name over to Cloudflare. Normally I would have to change the nameservers to my hosting. But since I want to keep the nameservers at Cloudflare I’m still confused on how to ‘activate’ the wordpress.com/wp-admin

demamablogs is showing a 525 error, which tells me that you don’t have your hosting properly configured for HTTPS (SSL/TLS).

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