Migrate away from Shopify without downtime?

So naturally one would think all you do is change your Cloudflare controlled DNS records from Shopify to your new website, and pooff goodbye Shopify …however it’s not that simple.

Apparently Shopify has a backdoor access into your Cloudflare account through an integration called “Cloudflare for SaaS”.

So while you think you control all your DNS records, because you can change them at your will, turns out you don’t - Shopify does.

More so Cloudflare does not tell you. Cloudflare also does not give you a way to regain control of those DNS records.

Then your end up in a rabbit hole of support/workarounds while still staring at your hijacked domain.

Even staying with Shopify may not be safe. Moving your site to “headless” ecommerce… expect this downtime.

So my serious question is - how can we reliably move away from Shopify’s dns, remove Shopify’s fingers in our Cloudflare accounts, all without occurring downtime?

- Is there an established step by step?
- Do we need to have Shopify’s support on hand for the migration?
- Is there a hidden page in our Cloudflare account with some knobs?

Any help / ideas are appreciated!

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