Migrate an Argo subscription from one domain to another?


Hello everyone,

Is there a way to migrate my Argo subscription from one domain to another ?

Thank your for your help


I don’t see a way, other than turn one off and the other on. At worst, it’ll cost you an extra $5.


:wave: @Fred896 & @sdayman,

Agreed. If you have been using Argo for a while and your monthly subscription is almost up I’d say just disable on domain A and reenable on domain A. But if you just activated for the wrong domain or just renewed you might ask support if they can credit you the $5 if you make the switch.



Hello and thank you @OliverGrant and @sdayman

I enabled Argo for the old one and disabled it for the new.
I hope that the support gives a refund :slight_smile: