Might I Get Pwned - A privacy preserving credential checking service

This Workers demo shows how to use Workers to alert users when their credentials may have been exposed in a data breach. See the demo.

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MIGP (“Might I Get Pwned”) is a privacy-preserving compromised credential checking (C3) service. Read more about our work here.

When using other C3s you may be leaking sensitive information while you are trying to check that your credentials have not been compromised! MIGP avoids that irony and preserves your privacy.

Aside from a bucket ID derived from a prefix of the hash of your email, your credentials stay on your device and are never sent (even encrypted) over the Internet.

This site is a demonstration of the protocol and not a fully-fledged service. For a more comprehensive dataset visit HIBP.

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Might I Get Pwned - A privacy preserving credential checking service
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