Microsoft Teams - ask the admin to habilitate microsoft teams

I’m facing a problem when trying to log into Microsoft Teams - it says ask the admin to habilitate microsoft teams. The support at Godaddy said this was a Cloudfare issue and they just need to habilitate the DNS but I can’t speak with anyone in support. Can somebody help me?


Sometimes translation software is inexact. In this instance does habilitar mean enable or to turn on?

I’m not sure there’s anything to enable or turn on in DNS as it related to Microsoft teams. Does the error message look like this one (but probably in Portuguese?) if so this would need to be done by whoever manages your Office 365 subscription. Hopefully that’s not GoDaddy… :pray:

Yes that’s exactly the message

But When I called Go Daddy they said I have to contact Cloudflare because this is a DNS issue.

Does GoDaddy provide / manage your Office 365 subscription? If so, send them a link to the article and ask them to escalate the ticket. If they believe still believe you need to add DNS records, ask them specifically which ones and what the values should be. Then you can do that in the DNS administrative panel for your domain.

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Can’t someone from Cloudflare do this? seems to be such a simple matter of just allow Teams in this particular domain.

No, you need to do that.

Great #tutorial on how to add and edit dns records, review those and let us know if you have issues.

But, you will need this information

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