Microsoft Store doesn't load when using Cloudflare's DNS Server

If I change my Windows 10 PC’s DNS server to I can’t access Microsoft Store anymore via the UWP app. It wouldn’t be such a big deal for installing new UWP apps because I can, of course, change it temporarily to Google’s DNS servers but unfortunately, I don’t get any program updates automatically from the Store if I’m using Cloudflare’s DNS servers.

I have now tested this on two different Windows 10 PCs and they both have this problem. Is this a known issue and is there a solution?

PS. I’m a newbie in this community so forgive me if I posted in a wrong category. I’m happy to provide any further info if needed.

Been a while since I used windows… had to look up what UWP was. :slight_smile: Any idea what host name it might be calling for updates? It is possible/likely that the app is using a CDN which does geo-steering using ECS which Cloudflare doesn’t send to resolvers for privacy reasons. In general that shouldn’t break downloads entirely, just potentially make them less efficient in terms of geo. But without knownig the domain it is hard to say for sure if that is the cause.

Thank you for a fast reply!

I think I was able to look up the host name: Googling that domain tells that it might be just a CDN like you thought.

Unfortunately, the Store doesn’t load at all with Cloudflares’s DNS Servers. This is what I get:


Hello, consult … by chance distilled the option of tcp / ip ipv6 ???
If you distilled that option in the windows, re-tag it and try it !!!


Thanks but I’ve already enabled it with automatic DNS (I have also tried Cloudflare’s IPv6 DNS servers with no luck):