Microsoft Office Full DNS


I noticed that I’m missing quite a few records that are recommended by Microsoft 365. However, when I try to add the CNAME I get an error “Invalid hostname”. How can I add the CNAMES? Is it possible with my free plan?


Follow these instructions, but make sure all CNAMES you create for Office 365 are gray clouded, not orange.

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I did that before but it still gave me the error. It worked this time around. Thanks.

What instructions are you referring to? I added all the CNAME records used the gray cloud. Still none show up on MXToolbox?

I followed the instructions here:

Still get CNAME records not found error?

For any record in the list which has an :orange: or :grey: option, choose :grey:. Office 365 needs to validate the value of the record and that requires the unobfuscated value. Their instructions are incorrect, notified them last yer.

Lol, leave it to Bill’s company to publish instructions that are wrong.

FYI, when changing setting to gray cloud, it too several hours to propagate. Propagation for any other DNS setting seems almost instant, except for Office 365.

Thanks for letting me know that the gray setting was the correct one. Their instructions are a bit cryptic.

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