Microsoft Office 365 requires CNAME records for DKIM, Cloudflare seems only to allow TXT records

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When trying to setup DKIM for Microsoft Office 365 email, Microsoft advise that I have to publish two
C-NAME records for the selectors.

C-NAME record does not exist for this config. Please publish the following two C-NAME records first.
Host Name : selector1._domainkey
Points to address or value:
Host Name : selector2._domainkey
Points to address or value: .

I have tried creating the required records using the DKIM tool on the DNS page at Cloudflare but this creates only T-XT records, which Microsoft do not recognise.
I have tried creating the required records by creating C-NAME records directly however Cloudflare rejects the record as an error with this message

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Content for C-NAME record is invalid

There are many people who have reported the ability to create these C-NAME records in the Cloudflare community, so has Cloudflare changed the rules on what can be entered in C-NAME records so that these are no longer valid to add? How can I add them?

Do I just have to leave Cloudflare after 10 years and switch to another DNS provider who can support Microsoft Office 365 email with DKIM or is there a way to make it work with Cloudflare still?


Are you creating the record as DNS Only :grey:? Can you post a screenshot of the values you are adding:

I have plenty of Cloudflare domains using Office 365, and never had any issues with DKIM. It is just a few DNS records after all.

You can use the Preformatted Text tool :point_up: </>

Hi Michael,
Thanks so much for your reply. Thanks for the preformatted tip too!

Here is the screenshot you requested.

The target MUST be the name of another DNS record, delete the v=DKIM1; element. It should be just

Thank you Michael. That worked! I really appreciate your guidance. Have a great day

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