Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

How to configure Exchange Server2013 and Cloudflare.
Are there any specific settings?

When I prixied origin excange server ip my account can not connect to the server.

How do I set up Exchange 2013 and Cloudflare?

Can you clarify what you mean by account? Exchange doesn’t have accounts.

Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to the server when proxied by Cloudflare because Mail clients cannot authorize when they use Outlook to connect to the server. Cloudflare probably blocks the ports that are needed for authentication. My domain is

Unless you’re using RPC/HTTPs it certainly won’t work because Cloudflare doesn’t proxy standard RPC ports, unless perhaps you’re using Spectrum. Exchange 2003 has been EOL for a bit now, newer versions of Exchange and Outlook user (marginally) more interweb friendly protocols.

cough 2013 cough

I believe in 2013 you can run everything over HTTPS, but it would depend on existing client configurations. It should be simple enough to run OWA behind Cloudflare, but running Exchange itself is more complicated.

I’m not aware of a good guide though, and Cloudflare could easily get in the way of autodiscover (which looks bot-like in the way that it throws multiple similar queries, possibly with different formats of credentials, and it won’t run autodiscover).

If it were me, I probably wouldn’t put in the effort unless there is a compelling reason to do so as there is a lot to test and understand beyond “I can login to OWA at this moment”, and a willingness to possibly reconfigure a lot of clients and/or deploy additional web-only client access server roles.

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