Microsoft Exchange Load Balancing

I am new to Cloudflare and trying to setup load balancing for my Microsoft Exchange 2016 servers. I can’t get the health check to work work properly. Does anyone have any experience with configuring the health monitors for load balancing point to Microsoft Exchange OWA servers?

Check the host header in your health check (advanced settings I believe) and make sure it matches the name the OWA server will accept.

I recall this one being annoying to monitor, I think my solution was to use one of the logos, noting that this only verifies that IIS is working but doesn’t actually help if the Exchange service itself fails. I last tested against Exchange 2010 and there might be better approaches today.

I am trying this icon: with the host header defined with no luck…

Your path is wrong it is currently / and should be /owa/auth/15.1.1034/themes/resources/favicon.ico

I think you can also remove the header value set in advanced.

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