Microsoft Edge Page Loading Issue Since APO Implementation


We implemented APO on a client’s website recently and were optimizing various elements over the past month, regularly checking if everything is fine via GTMetrix and Page Speed Insight. Everything seems to work ok in Chrome and Firefox, however, for some reason today we went on to test everything in Microsoft Edge and we got very, very mixed and bad results.

The page of the client is :

We opened it on our laptop and everything seemed to work fine. We then tested it on mobile and all was great. Finally we tested it on desktop and got a blank page, or in some cases the page would load, but moving the mouse or letting the page sit idle for several seconds, would reload the entire page and load it improperly again. Why it does that is a mystery to us.

Images are not loaded, their src is set to some random gibberish svg element, and overall it would seem as if the website itself isn’t loading identically as it loads in chrome or firefox.

After trying to disable every single plugin on the wordpress site, the loading issues would not go away. It was noticed however that disabling ‘add missing height and width for images’ within WP Rocket, it would somewhat fix the loading of some images, but not all of them.

Nevertheless, we then tried to import a backup which we know worked 100% - the one before implementing APO within the Cloudflare account. And, yet again, the page wouldn’t load properly at all. Meanwhile it works normally on other browsers and on mobile.

I’d kindly ask of the community to take a look at the site via Microsoft Edge and figure out what is going wrong with it. The randomly generated svg’s give this error : Provisional headers are shown. Disable cache to see full headers.

Let me know if you need more info!

Has anyone had the time to look into the issue and perhaps figure out why this is happening?
I’m attaching the console log from Microsoft Edge as the page tries to load.

I do not use edge, but tested and can confirm from my end I got a blank page.

Latest Edge but I had it installed so I tested it from Australia and confirm white page with edge. Chrome and Firefox seem ok even Opera.

I have seen blank pages too with APO, so I do not use it anymore, trying to make tickets is like chasing your tail since I am not an “enterprise” customer so I disabled it, not worth the trouble, works great when it does far too flakey.

FYI my issues were on Chrome/Brave/Edge, Firefox worked flawless.

Thanks for the info Josh.

The client uses a very weak shared hosting and APO really helped in getting ultra low TTFB results in speed performance. I really don’t understand why the site works on other browsers and mobile, yet refuses to load images on Edge.

You never managed to find a solution?

Is it even possible to achieve <100 ms (in some tests it was even 20 ms) of TTFB without APO on Wordpress?

Can really nothing be done in regards to this issue? I mean it is kind of silly to not have the site work on a particular browser - it makes no sense.

Yes ofc, with Cache Everything but use with caution. Cache Everything should not differentiate regarding the TTFB.

BTW: for me it works completely fine with Edge and Chrome, headers indicate APO is activated.

I got a powerful server still happens to me, but i liked apo since i got massive international audience for every continenant, was a nice idea to improve user experience for an option thatbis free in my plan.

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