Microsoft Clarity integration request

Clarity is an Hotjar free alternative from Microsoft. It provides heatmaps, screen recordings, rage clicks data, scroll depth, etc.

Dear Cloudflare

Please add Microsoft clarity to zaraz integration, as when i try to copy paste the snippet in custom html it doesnt work.


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I just realise it has been 6 months for this post. It get the highest votes in this category and half a year later no progress. :scream:

Hi Cloudflare

This is still the highest voted zaraz integration request. Have the Cloudflare abandoned the zaraz and not adding new tools? As 7 months is a very long wait :frowning:


Is Zaraz an abandned project? as i havent seen any new integration not even clarity which is the highest voted in this category.

Use Fortify to add the Clarity script to the <head> tag of your site. Works great for me.