Microsoft Bing Crawler Blocked

I do clearly think that this ugly Problem was very bad handled by the Community and Cloudflare itslef.

You have People writing here since now over 10 Months that in Google Merchant Center and else where they have Errors Reprted related to crawling the Cloudflare Hosted Webpages.

and then as a Solution its provided that this are Fake Bots ?
How can this be Fake Bots and imposters when the failed request appear in the official Google Merchant Center and Bing is evern writing emails to the Webmasters they should check their Website.

If this are all Fake Bots request not one of this request will anywhere be reported by Google Merchant Center as failed request officialy but they are reported so this are not Fake Bots Request but clearly wrong configured Official Crawler Bots that are Blocked by Cloudflare which should not happen however !