Microsoft 365 setup issue

I get the following message when I try to verify my domain. I read this to mean I have to end my email service with GoDaddy in order to register my domain with Microsoft 365. My company has many domains and the email is scattered across multiple services and our goal is to get it under one place for all domains. Is there another way to do this without bringing down our email service?
I am new to the company and it seems our website is hosted through GoDaddy and we have a failover setup through cloudflare and they are also our nameserver.

Error message was already added to a different Microsoft 365 organization,, which is managed by GoDaddy. To add this domain to this account you will need to contact GoDaddy support and have it removed from After removal, it can take between 15 minutes and a few hours before you can add the domain here. Please wait, then come back here and resume this step.

This domain is already using Office 365 according to the error message. This is not Cloudflare specific if you have questions you should contact Microsoft or GoDaddy to address them.

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