Mi pagina marca error de Account Suspended

Account Suspended https://sicegroup.com/

As it says you need to contact your hosting provider

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the name servers is


Hosting Provider:


I am sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately, when I visit your Website I got the below screenshot indicating your cPanel account for your web hosting package of your domain name is suspended due to some unknwon reason to us and any other visitor of your Website.

Kindly, re-check your e-mail associated with your domain name and/or search for “web hosting” or “hosting” to find out who was your Web hosting provider and possible login credentials to their hosting interface to troubleshoot the issue with them.

Hint: Possible providers:

  • Hostinger International Ltd.
  • NetSource Communications, Inc.

I get the exact same thing (except mine is in a lighter theme than yours)

Ou, yep. Forgot, I use DarkReader web browser extension :wink:

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@user8305 cloudflare is not the hosting provider, the error page is not a cloudflare error, the account the page references is your hosting account as correctly described by @fritex, I’d follow the directions in the post from @fritex.

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