Metrics fell after Ezoic. How to revert?

Hi, after using Cloudflare my speed on GTMetrix was great.

However, I integrated my site to Ezoic and my metrics fell greatly.

And so, I’ve decided to remove Ezoic from my site. However, my metrics on GTmetrix remains terrible.

I’m not sure if I need to revert any changes on Cloudflare.

Ezoic comes up a lot around here, mostly wrt altering DNS records, to that end, after removing ezoic, change your pw and rotate your api keys to prevent any changes. I am going move your post a bit to the #website-application-performance:performance Category so see if other eyes on it may help, it’s not my best area. Check out the pinned posts and #tutorial on #website-application-performance:performance as they do have some great background.

Hi cloonan,

Thank you for your insight.

Noticed that you mentioned rotating api keys to prevent changes. Is that a simple change?

Reason is because I am not really tech savvy and afraid that these mini changes might break something.

Changing the keys is straight forward, ensuring any service using the key can be tricky if it’s being used a lot. At the very least, a key or token is being used by/was being used by ezoic and changing the key will ensure ezoic can no longer change your dash settings.

This doc explains the processes involved in managing keys