Metrics' discrepancy between Client Side GA4 and Server Side GA4 (Zaraz) data

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During this month, we are migrating from Client Side GA4 to Server Side GA4 using Zaraz. For the past two weeks we are testing the two implementions (Client Side vs Server Side) head to head in order to investigate any discrepancies between the data we receive from those. In our website we load two different containers. One for the Client Side implementation and one for the Server Side. So all our events and metrics are being sent to those two containers respectively.

Following a comparison report based on the metrics of those two containers we see a huge difference in most of the metrics. As you can see in the following image most of the metrics using Zaraz are by far increased compared to the traditional Client Side GA4 implementation. Almost doubled. The only metric that is almost the same regarding the two containers is the Pageviews metric. We have deactivated the automatic pageview event from Zaraz and trigger it using the pageview event.

We are struggling to figure out the issue. Do you have any thoughts?

Screenshot of the error