Meta Tag verification

Hey Everyone

Does anyone know anything about the verification process for meta tags?
I am using kajabi which facebook business manager doesn’t accept direct verification from therefore I need to verify this with cloudflare.
I have followed the process & waited several days but nothing still -
I am running some ads and would need this fixed asap or at least get an update on my current process
If you could shine some light on this then that would be great!

Meta tags have to be added to the HTML code in your site. This is probably not something you want to attempt with Cloudflare. Were there any other options?

The other options were with kajabi but I already have done that…
I spoke with kajabi support and they walked me through the process in cloudflare -
they said that all their users must verify through cloudflare as facebook doesnt accept them.

So this is resolved?

not really,
I have waited several days and it is still coming up in facebook ads as
“not verified” - I will know its verified once FB ads says its verified

How did they say to add a meta tag with Cloudflare?

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