Meta server side event does not fire

I would like to fire a server side event to Meta based on URL.
I created a trigger
Match rule / URL Path / start / my url
I tried different combinations with URL path, URL, etc.
I set up this trigger in a Facebook Pixel action, but it does not work.
In the monitor mode I see the trigger.
How can I solve it?

It turned out that the problem was different.
The trigger runs, firing the event.
But some event types do not transfer to Meta.
Things that work, for example:
Lead, ViewContent, Subscribe, Search, Custom events
What doesn’t work:
Purchase, AddToCart

I tried changing the settings:
Advanced Acommerce Tracking in Tool settings
E-commerce tracking in Zaraz Settings
Data layer compatibility mode in Zaraz Settings

These did not affect the result. Whether they were on or not, Purchase and AddToCart events were not passed to Meta.

A fix to this issue is being rolled out

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