Meta description is wrong in google

A couple months ago i moved my domain to cloudflare, since then my meta description has been saying this: We use cookies to personalize content, social media features, to analyze our traffic and to provide the best possible experience. You must consent to our TOS if …

Now i have went through my backend settings on my ecomm store and contacted their tech support, they said its not on their end since i have my meta description filled out correctly. Prior to cloudflare i had my domain pointed to Weebly and had not issue with this.

I indexed my website through search console about 4-5 weeks ago too.

Is there something in cloudflare that is causing this to show up? My domain is

I appreciate your help.

This is not a result of you adding your site to Cloudflare.

If you google (using your domain name instead), you’ll in fact see that several pages have the boilerplate cookie notice in the search result snippet. But when clicking through to these pages, and examining their HTML, you’ll see that the meta description you’ve created is there, unchanged by Cloudflare or anyone else.

Google has stopped publishing the meta description by default a while ago. Instead, it uses the page’s content to generate the search result snippet. My guess is that you probably installed a plugin to create the pop-up cookie notice at a certain point, and Google used its content instead of the page’s because in all likelihood it was all Googlebot could see when it crawled your site.

You seem to have removed the cookie notice (I at least was not able to see one on your site), but you need to ask Google to re-index your pages so that it reflects your current content.

You can ask more specific questions on how to request a re-indexing of your pages at Google Search’s own support community.


Great thanks, i couldn’t figure out why this had happened. I will ask google to index it again once they allow that feature to be used again in search console. It has been disabled for the last couple weeks for updates, well that is what it says.

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