Messing up with Litespeed cache and cloudflare

Dear friends,
A week aggo I was start redirect my website domain to cloudflare.
After changing Name Servers I pass all steps recomended by cloudflare but web site is now slower than before i connected it to cloudflare.
I did diagnostic and 2 errors were found:

  • no_dnssec_found - The site does not have any DNSSEC records.
    -not_found_ds_record - The hostname has no DS records.

Trying to solve that problem i’m redirected to DNS management for my site page and I dont know what should I change there to solve that 2 problems.
It’s taking from 10 to 25 seconds to load my website index page.

Page is wordpress, hosted on Banahosting server with speedlite cache plugin installed.
Also, sending forms from website is not working anymore. “Message is sen” popout come out but
those messages never come to my email inbox.
Any suggestions how to fix that?
Thank you!
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We are suffering exactly the same error messages, so would be keen to know the response to the poster’s query.

Thank you!

Inactive DNSSEC shouldn’t be flagged as an error. It’s just a warning.

If you don’t want to use DNSSEC, then you can disregard this.

Thank you sdayman, what about "not_found_ds_record - The hostname has no DS records error?
Is there something that should be done to fix it?

That’s still part of DNSSEC, so you can disregard that as well.

Thank you

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