Messed up my record as I was entering it and need to redo it in order to set up the record properly?

This is my first time using Cloudflare so I am brand-new and learning the app. In the meantime, I wanted to add my first domain. Had not finished entering all the information and when I went back into my account, the initial form that I had been using was no longer there and the screen that comes up indicates that I am on Step 1 of 4 for Completing My Setup. I need to add another “a” record with my domain and then the ipv4 address. I don’t see the “Add Record” button on this screen. Is there a way to get back to the initial screen when I first began entering the information or am I better off starting over? If I should start over, do I need to delete and how to I re-enter the domain without causing problems with the previous entry? Is there a way to clear what I already have on Cloudflare and start over?

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Hi @jay10, welcome. You could start over by removing the domain from Cloudflare, but that’ll just slow you down. It sounds like we did not see/collect your existing DNS records. I don’t think we’ll do a better job getting the records a second time than we did the first time.

Other folks here may have better suggestions, but I’d just go with where you are and what you have and add the records manually. (If you have a lot of very complicated DNS records to add, you may want to remove and start over, but I really don’t think that will work out.)

Great #tutorials (or Community Tutorials) here on how to do that, Adding DNS Records. Start with the IP address for your origin server in hand and select the Add record option on the DNS tab.

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Hi Cloonan,

Thanks for your quick response. After I placed the question in the community, I began reviewing the interface and was able to get myself back on track. The DNS records were completed, I changed the nameservers at the host, and I received response back from Cloudflare via email that they had received notification.

So, I am a happy camper!

Thanks for your help.



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