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I am back again. Hope you are guys are doing great!

I would like to share a quick feedback about user experience related to Dashboard.

Many webmasters uses Cloudflare only for DNS purpose. There are two ways to achieve it.

  1. Keeping DNS only mode selectively for certain records

  2. Or, doing complete pause of Cloudflare Proxy at domain level. Sometimes, I prefer later one because I feel it’s quick.

As a result, it shows a message that makes my client fear.

website is pause, that is no longer receiving performance and security benefits

I think this message should be written in the friendly tone Instead scary - your website is pause like that.

Here’s an example of clear wording.

Your website is using DNS only mode at domain level. Hence, all traffic pass directly to origin. We recommend enabling Cloudflare CDN/Proxy to receive performance and security benefits.

Enable it now / Ignore.

Simple, actionable and easy to understand the technical scene.

Please note, not always proxy is the best solution. If I am targeting local audience, very much I would be okay with origin server. Or, if side is behind some CNAME record which cannon be proxied for some reason. So scariest message shouldn’t be used.

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