Message regarding TOS violation

Yesterday i’ve received an email titled “Message regarding TOS violation” from Cloudflare saying that they stopped serving some of the traffic at issue. The issue is Delivering Videos with Cloudflare. My site is a sports site that only embeds external iframes from partner sites and not streaming any video on its own. So, how can this be considered a violation?
Basically i don’t cache any video content, i am just using cloudflare PRO plan to speed up page loading and want to cache only static content.

Best regards.

Hi @eng_eg11,

You will have to follow this up with the Trust & Safety team (who presumably sent you the email), the community cannot help with abuse relates issues…

Thanks for replying to my topic. Do they have a dedicated email?

The address they want you to reply to should be included in the email you received. It’s often something like a[email protected].

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