Message regarding TOS violation my site

We have determined that recent traffic from one or more of your web properties may be in violation of Section 2.8 of our Terms of Service (

In response to this apparent violation, we have temporarily stopped serving some of the traffic at issue. A few of your visitors may experience altered performance until this issue is resolved. If we conclude that such violations remain unresolved, we may take further action including continuing to alter performance or deactivating violating zones from the network.

The affected properties are:

I received this message and I don’t know what it means
My site is not violating anything
I do not know what to do
please help thank you

Are you serving video through the Cloudflare proxy? Looking at your homepage that would appear to be the reason.


There is no video on our servers

That may indeed be true. But your site is impossible to navigate, which makes it impossible for anybody to see what content is coming through your CF account.

The only thing I can see is that you are using an unusual port, which is typically used for CPanel webmail. As a result, none of the site is cacheable. Try running on 443 to ensure assets are cached.

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