Message regarding performance


We have received a “Message regarding performance” from Cloudflare.

The message informing that our site has temporarily decreased the performance due to network congestion events or terms violation. The full text is below:
“We have discovered that recent traffic from one or more of your web properties has caused a congestion event on our network or may be in violation of Section 2.8 of our Terms of Service ( In an effort to preserve service to all Cloudflare customers, we have temporarily decreased the performance of any web property at issue for traffic management purposes. Some of your visitors may experience altered performance until this congestion event has subsided.”

This has a major impact on our website performance, most of our customers can’t use it anymore. We have to disable caches to mitigate the availability issue.

We have no idea how our site violating the Cloudflare policy since we don’t stream any videos through the Cloudflare caches. Instead, we’re using the commercial CDN.

Any idea why this happened and how we can speed up issue resolution?

Thank you.

Possibly, one way if you are hosting and/or downloading some large files (zip, etc.) from your proxied (:orange: cloud) domain?

Yes, we are hosting video files and users can upload own content.
But these files are stream always through the commercial CDN.
In fact, we’re using Cloudflare to cache small amount of site resources like css, html, js, jpg.

But the upload / stream process is done on the proxied :orange: cloud DNS hostname of your domain, or?

Streaming videos over Cloudflare proxied domain, while not using Cloudflare Stream service - this could be the issue too.

Hopefully, not the videos too?

The upload of large files not possible (more than 100M) is not possible, so we are using separate non-proxied subdomain to upload user files.

I’m 100% sure :slight_smile:

Hmm, it makes sense, but I didn’t find any mention regarding this in TOS.

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