Merging two community forum SSO accounts


I have two accounts at Cloudflare, one which I don’t use anymore and am going to reach out to support to have closed. However, the second unused account hosts my primary forum account because it used to be my primary account. I’d love it if one of the moderators here would merge my two accounts.

Discourse’s moderator tools will show you that I’ve signed into both accounts from the same IP address recently, and (theoretically) all that needs to be done is to have this account (@sulliops1) deleted and my other account (@sulliops) email changed to the one matching this account.

Is that something that anyone can do quickly? I tried to create a support ticket for this, but there was no way to do so without specificying an issue with a domain on my account (not the problem).


This is me confirming from the account I want to keep.

Hi @sulliops/@sulliops!

Tagging @cloonan here, who can hopefully help :slight_smile:

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Awesome, didn’t know who to tag about it. If they want to make this a PM and have me prove ownership of the Cloudflare accounts, I’m totally fine with that. Thanks again!


Hi @sulliops & @sulliops I merged sulliops1 into sulliops here on the Community, but Support would need to assist with merging of the accounts and you can update the email of the surviving sulliops account as you like. And, Support can assist in closing the cloudflare dashboard account you no longer want to use.

I also bumped the surviving account to member level to avoid any issues you may hit with that.

Finally, if we’ve not already, you should post a link to the tutorial you authored in our #tutorials category.

Hi, thanks so much for merging the accounts. I’m now unable to login to my community account using the original email (, only the alternate email. Can you change the primary email on the community account manually?

I’ll drop you a note to follow up, thank you!

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