Merging SPF records erroring in tests


I am a compleIete novice and recently merged all my SPF records together (this includes outlook and pardot)

I tested an email from my outlook and it now says ‘(-4 points) You don’t have a SPF Record published.’
However, I tested an email from my Pardot and it said the SPF was fine and passed.

Could someone please help me figure out what I’ve done wrong…

(again, a complete novice and have 0 clue about the ip4 and ip6 records)


That shouldn’t be _spf. Use @ for root

The way you have it written, it covers mail from, which isn’t likely.

If you change it to @ (which is the same as (your real domain), it will apply to mail from [email protected]

One other item to watch for when merging mutliple SPF records is the 10 lookup limit. SPF has a hard limit of 10 DNS lookups. If the record requires more, it will fail. You can test your SPF record with online tools such as the SPF Record Lookup in MXToolbox’s SuperTool or dmarcian’s SPF Surveyor.

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