Memoryhackers Error 1020

Hello friends, I just came across an error, and I saw that only one person shared the same problem as me, and that unfortunately did not share the solution. Today 08/05/20 I accessed the site / forum normally, left it open and went to have a coffee, when I came back I tried to access a topic, the page reloaded bringing the message of cloudfire “error 1020 access denied etc etc …” I looked for some initial solutions that could cause the problem such as cookies, clearing your browser data, in short, all possible solutions and I couldn’t, what to do now?

It seems like they’ve done a global block as I’m also unable to access the website from here and from other locations.

Thanks for help friend, here on brazil the acess also unlocked, i can go to the site now.

The site does appear to block all access

Most likely they blocked all countries except for Brazil.

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