Memcached DDOS

i just read about memcached ddos post in here . According to that, A memcached attack occurs in 4 steps:

  1. An attacker implants a large payload* of data on an exposed memcached server.
  2. Next the attacker spoofs an [HTTP GET]request with the [IP address] of the targeted victim.
  3. The vulnerable memcached server that receives the request, which is trying to be helpful by responding, sends a large response to the target.
  4. The targeted server or its surrounding infrastructure is unable to process the large amount of data sent from the memcached server, resulting in overload and denial-of-service to legitimate requests.
    In step 2 , How to attacker spoofs an HTTP request with the [IP address] of the targeted victim? i think can not spoof. Other way, read POC in github , attacker only use UDP . Can anyone explain for me ? Thanks

The answer is in the second sentence.


can you explain more clearly :((

Look up denial of service attacks and UDP’s involvement. That’s not exactly a Cloudflare related question.