Membership Site, APO & cache everything


We’ve dont use cache everything in Cloudflare because we had problems with new members not able to download their content. We use a WP memberhsip site and content on the product pages is only available if you subscribe to the service. With cache everything enabled the new member has to refesh the page to access the content.

We also use WP-rocket.

Now, can we still use APO with our membership site and prevent the new member cache issue? Or is it useless without the cache everyhing page rule?
And is it compatible with WP-rocket?

It would be great to get rid of plugins and use only Cloudflare for our membership site.


There are already posts here about WP-Rocket/APO compatibility.

As for the membership site, if it uses standard WordPress cookies, then APO will be smart about caching. Logged in users won’t trigger page caching.

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