Members can't see Premium Content (but CAN in an incognito)

Guys, i really need a hand.

Basically, my members cant see their premium content (WooMembership) after logging in. However, through an incognito window, they can. Which made me think its caching.

What I noticed is once the user logged in, on some pages, it is shown as if they are logged out (‘login’ button reappears in the menu).

I have NO idea where to even begin with this. I reached out to CF and got a super generic reply (to which i responded) and it’s been almost a week since I heard anything (plus i followed up).

I have no clue where else to try - and disabling plugins didn’t solve the issue either. I would be over the moon if any of you could give me a hand.

Try to enable Development mode to bypass all the cache - see whether it resolves the issue.

If yes, you need to dig down into the affected URLs so that you can create a page rule to bypass the cache on per-URL basis.

If all pages are dynamically created, you shouldn’t be cacheing those, unless you can identify a member by something like a session cookie.

If the URLs for Premium Content are unique (as in they don’t have both Premium and non-Premium dynamic content) the you can bypass cache or if they are shared then created a page rule to bypass cache on cookie - and set a specific cookie for members.

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