Memberium setup with Cloudflare


I had a notification in Wordpress about Memberium which is a membership software which we have linked to Infusionsoft will need some settings doing for Cloudflare. Now I have added the Infusionsoft IP address to a Whitelist in my Cloudflare account, but I can’t see where or how to do the >> “You want to set up rules in Cloudflare controlling which pages should bypass the caches:” part of these instructions, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The following are the IP Address ranges of Infusionsoft’s servers which should be white listed:

You want to setup rules in Cloudflare controlling which pages should bypass the caches:
The URL pattern should look like* where should be changed to your domain.

  • Forwarding should be turned off
  • Always Online should be turned off
  • Security Level should be Essentially off
  • Performance should be off.

Hi @deanhpersonal, I am not familiar with Memberium, but if you research a bit on Page Rules, that will give good background as to general use. The Always online setting is under Caching and Performance options can be found under the ‘Speed’ section.

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