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I just experimented with Mediawant using an iPad since I’ve logged off my desktop a bit of time ago. I’ll use it on my system as well, next time I’m on. I like that you offer .deb files since Debian is what I use. Openbox & XFCE are my main interfaces. Regarding iPad downloading, essentially it works, though the improved audio encoding is available only using the packages offered. (Windows & Mac users also have installs to use, though I’ll not be testing them unless I do so w/ Windows 7x64 Enterprise via a hardened VirtualBox install). Attempting to use the download audio only function offered online resulted in an erroneous / corrupted file being downloaded. The only available option to work is the main low-res mp4. That, to me is no big deal as I generally download audiobooks and convert them to audio anyway. Speed was phenomenal! Very impressive on that front. So far, that’s some nice work. I think from a marketing perspective, a highlight of what makes your product better than YouTube-dl-gui available from Debian (don’t recall if it’s from the testing or backports repo…) or to simplify things a basic fact sheet - .txt or .pdf – with tech specs from side by side comparisons in speed, quality of download(s), etc. is perhaps something to consider.

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Thanks @intr0 for your review, I keep working hard now to make MediaWant more feature and become to a stable product. I’m very interesting with your feedback, you make me more motivation to do it well. Thank you so much.

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:+1:t3: Most welcome!

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