Media (pictures) disappeared from my wordpress site after joining cloudflare to add Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure certificate

Hi I got an Error after setting up Cloudflare to handle htts secure certificate and I changed the wp admin settings to https for both and wp stopped working and could not access wp control panel.
My website went down

Error too many redirects

I added the following code on second line of the page of code

Edit wp-config.php

to set the site URL manually in the wp-config.php file.

Added these two lines to wp-config.php,


Residual or next problem

The Cloudflare when itially set up wiped all the visible content of pages on my wp page edit pages, but web site was still functioning ok and visible on browser side, now after fixing the current issue above my pages on browser side show no pics AND the content is invisible again on wp admin side.

Also the wp control panel http settings are hard locked now by the above code so cannot change anything in there from control panel only at code level which I am a novice at.

Any help gratefully received

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