I am using ads, and after enabling APO, they no longer appear to be getting served. Amazon ads are still working. Is there something I can do to make sure ads are also served?

I know @yevgen is super busy, but he can take a look at some point if you post your domain name.

Thanks! It’s If you click a blog post, you can see that the Amazon ad is served in the sidebar. There should be a banner ad at the bottom of the index page just above the footer.

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It’s easy to bypass APO with using hard refresh in any browser (pass cache-control: no-cache header). AFAIK there is no difference in the markup between cached and non cached pages, so it’s not related to APO.

But it has to be related to APO somehow or another, because the behavior only started when I turned it on.

Incidentally, when I go to the source code, if I’m logged in as administrator with no cache, I see the ads, and the source code shows the javascript. If I log out and use the cached version, the javascript for the ad does not appear in the source code.

My apologies. This may be the Lightspeed cache plugin instead. I’ll look into it further.

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Definitely Litespeed cache and not APO. Sorry!!

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