Me (Site Owner) keeps getting denied access to WAF protected pages

I have keep on having to change the allowed IP in the IP Access Rules because it is always getting blocked. I don’t want to keep doing that. Is there an option/setting I can use to permanately allow my home network?

Are you sure that your home network is a static IP? A static IP is an IP address that does not change, while a dynamic one is the IP address that changes every time you create a new connection. ISPs (home networks) use a dynamic IP because the number of IP addresses available is much less than the number of clients.

You could write a script that polled your current public IP and compared it with the one in your Cloudflare IP Access Rule (Cloudflare API v4 Documentation) and update the rule if your IP has changed.

Don’t use IP Access rules for that, use zero trust. Might be slightly annoying to get up and running but once you get it to work, its a very good solution for the use case you are describing.


I think this is likely what was causing the problem. Since I found myself having to change it at least 5+ times a day. Thanks for the explanation

So I’m working on setting up the policy for that in Zero Trust. I’m still quite new to using these Cloudflare tools so if I wanted to block access to pages that include /wp-admin how would I go about do so?

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