Me sale este error

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(" COMO LO SOLUCIONO EN MI TEST DE VELOCIDAD “Reduce el impacto del código de terceros El código de un tercero ha bloqueado el hilo principal durante 1150 ms”

Hi there,

The reason the speedtest is failing is due to your page being incredibly slow and it times out

Here’s the lighthouse results:
Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 15.31.37
The page loaded too slowly to finish within the time limit. Results may be incomplete.

Now as for the reason for the slowness, you have the main page loading in a few seconds, but then lots of external linked contents, not going through Cloudflare that ate delaying the full page load up to almost 2 minutes.
Note that Cloudflare cache only applies to content hosted on your origin. Cloudflare will not proxy and accelerate external linked content.

My advice is that you review your page code and optimize it.

Take care.