.me domain

Hello. I know this is more of a 123reg question but their support is closed and Cloudflare is related.

I want to change the nameservers on my .me domain to Cloudflare, however it says error setting nameservers. They are correct as I just changed a .co.uk domain.

Is this anything to do with the .me domain?


If we stretch it a bit :wink:

What is it?

Which domain are we talking about and which nameservers were you trying to use?

The domain is a .me I cant post the domain cause i can only send 2 links

The nameservers are the ones Cloudflare provide when adding a new domain so:

the error simply says ‘Error! Error setting nameservers’.

You dont need to post the full domain, just the name itself. That wouldnt be a link

its https://ignorance.me/

Alright, yes the domain seems to be properly setup with Cloudflare and the nameservers you mentioned are being returned by Cloudflare.

The registrar is listed as Mesh Digital but you mentioned 123-reg. Are these two related? You’d need to change the nameservers at your registrar. Could you post a screenshot of where you change it, respectively the error? If it is the right place however, it might be a temporary error on their side and their is little anybody can do here.

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