Maybe a cache bug of DNS?

Maybe a bug?
I set my hostname “” in my Cloudflare dashboard.But when I open it, it display as the record I set long time ago(gitbook).Instead of display as my latest record(my web server).
I tried refresh cache or set record again, it doesn’t work.I can only disable Cloudflare cdn to solve it.When I disable it, the website displays as my latest record.
I have to use other hostname for my website now to avoid this problem.How can I solve it?
Correct web site:
Problem web site:
(they has same dns record, and I set correctly in my web server)

and, the record which I set long time ago had been removed a few months ago. That shouldn’t be the problem of long TTL

Contact the gitbook provider and have them remove the custom hostname they configured previously on your behalf.

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