May i switch plan between my domains

HI , guys:

 I  have  multi-domains  in Cloudflare.  and  now ,i buy an  pro plan for the domain "" . i want to know ,if i can switch  plan  between  these domains.   For example ,  i  want  "" share my "pro plan subscribtion" ,and  make ""  become free plan.


Switching plans is currently not possible. You’d need to cancel the paid plan for domain A and sign up from scratch for B.

Thank you ,sandro.

An question regarding above . If i cancel the paid plan in middle month( but i paid the whole month), what will happen? if i still benifit from paid plan until the end of the month?


Thats a question best for support. I am not sure whether the cancellation will be with immediate effect or take place at the end of the subscription.

thank you for your patient . sandro.

Talking about support , i really confused how to get Cloudflare support . i cann’t find anything like “open a ticket” or email address to contact support. The most closed for me ,is “file a ticket” .but it need attache a file…


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thank you ,sandro

i contacted cf support ,and confirmed the cancellation takes place immediately.