May I know How can i forward to


I want to forward to
The site is built using google sites.
what page rules and DNS settings should I apply in Cloudflare to do that.
I tried it but it was an unsuccessful attempt multiple times

Registrar Dash Ticket - URL FORWARDING ISSUE

If your www site works, then you’re most of the way there. You need only two more things:

  1. A DNS entry for non-www that’s set to :orange:. It doesn’t matter if it’s a CNAME or an A record. I just needs to be :orange:
  2. A Page Rule: Match* and Forwarding URL (301) to$1

With :orange: on the non-www site, the Page Rule will catch requests to non-www and forward them to www.

No, Even my website is not working after I linked it to Cloudflare.


I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with your domain and Cloudflare.

After I’ve checked few things, below are the results and suggestions:

Unfortunately, your domain is not using Cloudflare nameservers and therefore the Page Rule you created does not apply:


Furthermore, your domain Registrar status says:

  1. clientDeleteProhibited →
  2. clientRenewProhibited
  3. clientTransferProhibited →
  4. clientUpdateProhibited →

The “Renew Prohibited” one could be an potential issue here, as one should always be able to renew a domain. Click that link for more info.

Kindly, I’d suggest you to contact your domain registrar about this too.

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