May i ask why your cloudflare minecraft spectrum is this ridiculously expensive?

25000 euro per month for 50 to 100 players server!, we tried for 4 days, 2000 euro cost, cloudflare wants to hold me on 1000 euro payment for these 4 days usage.

I will come with a full statement and release of many servers and the calculations involved of how much they would have to pay for this cloudflare minecraft spectrum service.

For us it would come down to 200000 to 300000 euro a year, which is ridiculous! Nobody will use this service with these kind of rates, you are asking only millionaires to join this minecraft spectrum service.

As there is also no difference in calculation in costs if you have the 20 euro package, the 200 euro package or the 5000 euro membership package. 1 euro per GB hardcap I think cloudflare does not understand the minecraft community at all, or did they only release a service for hypixel?

In that case this blog post with advertising about the faster connectivity and protection is flawed as anyone who will try this will run up to high costs associated for the data traffic involved.

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issue got solved!!

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