Maximum number of recorded videos to be retained

We are considering the use of cloudflare stream.

You can create up to 1000 live inputs per account.

  • Does this mean that I can only keep up to 1000 recorded videos?
  • Does it mean that I need to delete the live input in order to create a new recorded video? If I delete a live input, the recorded video associated with it will also disappear, right?
  • If I contact support and decide to keep more than 1000 recorded videos, will I have to pay extra?


  • Inputs are videos are different object types
  • There is a limit of 1000 inputs but there is no limit to the number of videos
  • Live Inputs automatically create videos if you have Playback and Recording turned on for the input
  • Hypothetically, one live input can create as many videos as it would like
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