Maximum number of allowed IP's to list

Hi, community.
I’m have:
" Add items to list
Lists can contain any combination of IPv4, IPv6 and any CIDR.
The first 1,000 items were added below as your account has reached the maximum number of allowed items (1,000)."
Question. What account do I need to make a list of 15,000 IP addresses (CIDR)?

Hi @shyer,

From the announcement blog post:

Multiple Lists and increased quotas for paid plans

As of today every account can create one (1) IP List with a total of 1,000 entries. In the near future we plan to increase both the number of Lists that can be created as well as the total count of entries.

If you have a specific use case for multiple (or larger) Lists today, please contact your Customer Success Manager or file a support ticket.

No specific plan will allow this at the moment, but if you have a paid plan, you can contact support to find out what your limit is. If you have or are interested in the Enterprise plan, it is probably worth talking to sales or your Customer Success Manager.

Thank you, sir.

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